arcana Roaster Oval Black

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arcana Roaster Oval Black

Cooking with cast iron is a real kitchen classic, making good memories of cooking with family and friends for today and years to come.

Cast iron is an ideal material for even and gentle distribution of heat, so that the food is cooked properly on all sides. The Fissler difference... cast iron knobs on the inside of the lid help to circulate the humidity in the closed pot. This feature enables your food to cook in its own juice, guaranteeing that your meals are juciy and flavorful.

Arcana is tratidionally produced in France.

Cast iron products from Fissler have particularly smooth and thick bases. They are suitable for all stove types, including induction.

The high-quality, scratch-resistant enamel exterior prevents the roaster from rusting and is easy to clean. Hot water and an ordinary household sponge are enough to retain the natural finish and cooking surface.

Cast iron cookware is also perfect suited for cooking foods in the oven and the stainless steel lid handle is heat-resistant up to 480 degrees fahrenheit.


Materials Cast Iron
Editions arcana®
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Country of production France

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