Q! tongs

Tongs - kitchen helper of the Q! series made of high-quality stainless steel by Fissler



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Q! tongs

Sku: 089-044-00-000/0

EAN: 4009209345994

With one hand: Thanks to the intelligent opening mechanism, the Q! tongs with convenient one-hand operation – for large items as well as smaller, sensitive foods. A real all-rounder with a high-quality silicone coating for perfect protection of non-stick-coated cookware. Thanks to the asymmetrical functional part, it can also be used in corners of the home and provides excellent service during cooking.

  • Handle made of satin-finished stainless steel
  • Functional part made of silicone
  • heat-resistant for a short time up to 480°F
  • easy to clean

    This is the new kitchen helper Q series! from the house of Fissler.

    Fissler introduces a completely new generation of Küchenhelfers: Q! – the innovative design series that has been thought through down to the smallest detail. The elegant design in the usual high Fissler quality inspires both professionals and hobbyists alike. The quality of the materials –   satin stainless steel and high-quality red silicone

    A special highlight of Q! is the unique tapered handle, which mates with the striking sqound® at the end of the handle. It provides optimum grip for both large and small hands, allows different grip positions and ensures non-slip handling.

    Whether professional or hobby chef, Q! üconvinces in all areas down to the smallest detail and makes cooking a very special experience through unprecedented ease.


    Weight 0.50 lbs
    Size 12 x 3 x 1 inch
    Package size 12.6 Inch x 2.8 Inch x 1.6 Inch
    Materials Premium Steel
    Editions Q!
    All products in this series
    Country of production Turkey
    Product kind tongs
    Surface outside satined 
    Dishwasher proof

    Dishwasher proof


    IF product design award 2014

    IF product design award 2014

    German Design Award 2015

    German Design Award 2015

    reddot award 2014 winner

    reddot award 2014 winner

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