°SensoRed crêpe pan 11in

°SensoRed - frying finally made simple.

°SensoRed crêpe pan 11in

°SensoRed - frying finally made simple.

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°SensoRed crêpe pan 11in

Sku : FISS-05638328100

EAN : 4009209364292

Sweet with chocolate cream or jam or hearty with vegetables, cheese or bacon – French crêpes taste great with just any filling. For those paper-thin pancakes to turn out just like the original you need an authentic recipe and the right kind of pan, too.

With this model it is easy as pie to get your crêpes or wraps just right. Thanks to the specially developed Fissler planium® manufacturing process the induction-compatible cookstar® all-stove base lies totally flat on the stove and distributes the heat evenly across the entire frying surface. The thermo-sensitive non-stick sealing reliably indicates the ideal frying temperature. And thanks to the extra-flat rim flicking is no big deal, either.

  • made of high-grade aluminum
  • induction-compatible cookstar all-stove base
  • thermo-sensitive °SensoRed® non-stick sealing
  • stainless-steel handle with intelligent heat buffer

Weight 3.00 lbs
Size 20 x 12 x 3 inch
Package size 20.3 Inch x 12.4 Inch x 3 Inch
Capacity 0.6 qt
Materials Aluminium
Diameter 11 inch
Country of production DE
Product kind Crepe Pan
Body height 0.8 Inch
Surface outside Nonstick sealing (PTFE)

Features at a glance

°SensoRed crêpe pan 11in

Thermo-sensitive nonstick sealing

The thermo-sensitive non-stick sealing changes its color to show you the ideal moment to pop the ingredients in the frying pan.

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