°SensoRed Fry Pan

protect °SensoRed nonstick pan - Frying finally made simple.

°SensoRed Fry Pan

protect °SensoRed nonstick pan - Frying finally made simple.

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°SensoRed Fry Pan

Every now and then, even well-practised cooks end up in this situation: Because everybody is hungry as a wolf, the breaded fish fillets go in the pan before it is properly hot. Or the oil starts to smoke, which is the unmistakable sign that the temperature is much higher than it should be.

This innovative pan with its induction-compatible cookstar all-stove base boasts a thermo-sensitive non-stick sealing, reliably indicating the ideal frying temperature. The specially developed Fissler planium manufacturing process guarantees that the base will lie totally flat on the stove – the best prerequisite for even heat distribution from the base to the rim of the pot – while saving energy. And thanks to its ergonomic comfort handle the innovative model lies just perfectly in your hand.

  • made of high-grade cast aluminum
  • induction-compatible cookstar all-stove base
  • thermo-sensitive non-stick sealing
  • ergonomic comfort handle

Materials Aluminium
Country of production Germany
Product kind Frypan
Body height 0 Inch

Features at a glance

°SensoRed Fry Pan

cookstar all-stove base

Thermo-sensitive nonstick sealing

The thermo-sensitive non-stick sealing changes its color to show you the ideal moment to pop the ingredients in the frying pan.

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