°SensoRed Wok Pan 11in

protect °SensoRed nonstick wok pan - frying finally made simple.


°SensoRed Wok Pan 11in

protect °SensoRed nonstick wok pan - frying finally made simple.

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°SensoRed Wok Pan 11in

Sku : FISS-15780328100

EAN : 4009209358321

SensoRed is an exciting new innovation in woks. It utilizes a thermo-sensitive nonstick coating to let you know when the right frying temperature has been reached.

When heated to the optimal frying temperature, the entire surface of the SensoRed wok changes to the color of the speckles in the nonstick coating. This is your visual indication that it is now the ideal time to cook your food.

The SensoRed innovation ensures that food is never placed in a wok which is too cold or too hot. With its outstanding nonstick properties, SensoRed provides an easy way to achieve ideally fried food and perfect results. The specially developed Fissler planium manufacturing process guarantees that the base will lie totally flat on the stove – the best prerequisite for even heat distribution from the base to the rim of the pot – while saving energy.

Weight 2.50 lbs
Country of production DE

Customer Reviews (1)

Excellent cooking pan(s) !!!

John H 06-05-20

The customer service team member that helped me was phenomenal. I originally had an issue with my order so I spoke with the customer service agent. She not only helped resolve my issue but also quickly shipped the Fissler frying pan. These Fissler non-stick pans are the best quality frying pans I've ever used. One year later, I now have multiple frying pans and a special crepe pan. My family loves the stir-fry or crepes or anything that we make with these Fissler pans! It drives my crazy that everyone uses metal on their pans and people injest that stuff! The best part of these Fissler pans is the "Made in Germany" quality that I expect to last for a very long time