vitaquick Pressure Cooker 6-Piece Set

Fissler vitaquick pressure cookers are the perfect solution for healthy, flavorful time-saving meals


vitaquick Pressure Cooker 6-Piece Set

Fissler vitaquick pressure cookers are the perfect solution for healthy, flavorful time-saving meals

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vitaquick Pressure Cooker 6-Piece Set

Sku : FISS-60030112099

EAN : 4009209321370

This 6 piece set contains a: 6.4qt vitaquick pressure cooker, the 2.7qt vitaquick pressure skillet, pressure lid, glass lid, perforated insert and tripod. Constructed of 18/10 stainless steel with upgraded technology and features an attractive, modern design.

vitaquick has been tested by MET to UL standards, ensuring a quality product with multiple, patented safety features. This worry-free, efficient pressure cooker includes an automatic pressure valve and auto-locking handle which indicates a secure, locked lid closure with both an audible click and a color display in the handle.

The pressure skillet doubles as the ultimate frying pan, featuring the patented Novogrill bottom: a unique honeycomb texture perfect for low-oil grilling, searing and frying- creating a healthy indoor grill.

vitaquick pressure cookers feature a cooking indicator that uses two convenient markings for gentle or speed cooking, preparing foods of all kinds in a healthy, gentle, nutritious manner. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Package size 15.4 Inch x 11.4 Inch x 12.4 Inch
Materials Premium Steel
Country of production DE
Product kind Pressure Cooker Set
Body height 0 Inch
Surface outside polished

Features at a glance

vitaquick Pressure Cooker 6-Piece Set

Removable handle

To make cleaning the lid even easier, the handle can be removed.

Positioning aid

The practical positioning aid makes it ultra-easy to position and close the lid.

Locking Indicator

When the locking indicator pops to green and you hear a clearly audible click, the pressure cooker is safely closed and ready for the stove.

Cooking display

Encapsulated superthermic base

The super-thermic base ensures there’s optimal heat absorption, distribution and retention, whichever stove you are using

Customer Reviews (1)

Lived up to my expectations

hhilde 18-01-19

After practicing with water I cooked chicken, potatoes, and carrots. Quick cooking is nice but I was more interested in better tasting food and now I am a believer! Not sure how I got it all right in my first effort but it all turned out great in a very short time. Note: if you read enough reviews, particularly on Amazon, you will find that some of these units have a defective euromatic valve causing steam to leak from the handle. I have this problem with mine so I ordered a new euromatic valve from this site which looks different than the one on my pressure cooker. The Amazon reviewer said this solved the problem and I suspect it to be true. We'll see. No, I did not buy mine from Amazon. I bought it from an authorized dealer directly. Bottom line, I am happy happy happy with my purchase.