vitaquick Pressure Skillet 8.7in 2.7qt

Fissler vitaquick pressure cookers are the perfect solution for healthy, flavorful, and time-saving meals


vitaquick Pressure Skillet 8.7in 2.7qt

Fissler vitaquick pressure cookers are the perfect solution for healthy, flavorful, and time-saving meals

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vitaquick Pressure Skillet 8.7in 2.7qt

Sku : FISS-60030002009

EAN : 4009209337852

The skillet is constructed of 18/10 stainless steel and has upgraded features, perfect technology and attractive modern design. UL-listed with multiple, patented safety mechanisms for worry-free, efficient pressure cooking including an automatic pressure valve and upgraded auto-locking handle which indicates a secure, locked lid closure with both an audible click and a color display in the handle.

This pressure skillet doubles as the ultimate frying pan with the patented novogrill bottom: a unique honeycomb texture perfect for low-oil grilling, searing and frying- creating a healthy indoor grill.

Vitaquick pressure cookers feature a cooking indicator that uses two convenient markings for either gentle or speed cooking, preparing foods of all kinds in a healthy, gentle, nutritious manner. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Weight 5.70 lbs
Size 17 x 10 x 5 inch
Package size 11.6 Inch x 5.5 Inch x 15.7 Inch
Capacity 2.6 qt
Materials Premium Steel
Diameter 8 inch
Country of production DE
Product kind Pressure Skillet
Measuring scale Yes
Body height 3.3 Inch
Capacity scale 1.67 l
Surface outside polished

Features at a glance

vitaquick Pressure Skillet 8.7in 2.7qt

Removable handle

To make cleaning the lid even easier, the handle can be removed.

Positioning aid

The practical positioning aid makes it ultra-easy to position and close the lid.

Locking Indicator

When the locking indicator pops to green and you hear a clearly audible click, the pressure cooker is safely closed and ready for the stove.

Cooking display

Customer Reviews (5)

Tough & Durable

Renclar 18-01-19

The best pressure cooker in the market for many many reasons as attested by these customers. I had my first cooker during the the 80's in Saudi Arabia and it does the job perfectly, easy to use/clean. I cooked mung beans not having to soak it overnight just to make it soft. Put directly into the the cooker with a hard shell in it and still cooks in few minutes. What a piece of cooker! No one beat this cooker. Fantastic product. Buy it and you won't regret it.

This pressure cooker is unlike anything I have ever cooked with.

Anonym 18-01-19

This pressure cooker is unlike anything I have ever cooked with. It is multifunctional because it is a fry pan with the Steelux feature, so your food is elevated - your eggs have a hydroplaning-like effect and your meat is not cooking in its own fat, that part of the pressure cooker alone, is fantastic. Then, you have the pressure cooking feature which is so easy to use on any stovetop. Your food cooks evenly because of the cookstar base and it also comes with a basket for frying features. Lastly, the clean up is really so easy, this is by far one of the best items I have in my kitchen and I highly reccomend to anyone. Definitely a great value for a great item.

Love the pressure cooker!

Anonym 18-01-19

I used a Kuhn-Rikon pressure cooker for about twenty years, and I think they stopped selling the parts we needed for maintenance, so I finally let it go and got this one. This is a really nice cooker, and I use it mostly for brown rice while using my other one (a new Kuhn-Rikon) for legumes. What I like the most about it is that after the rice has cooked for 20 minutes at pressure, you just push the button to release the steam, so your brown rice is good to go right away. With my old cooker the instructions said to use the natural release method, and that took about ten minutes. This one only takes seconds. The bottom of the inside is not flat, but kind of ridged, but the ridges are sort of smooth, so it's easy to clean, and I think that they actually give it a bit more surface area. I don't think the recipe book is explicit enough about brown rice, so fyi, I use 1 rice to 1.5 water and bring it up to the second ring. I leave it at the second ring for 20 minutes and then follow the release instructions in the booklet.

Love it. I cook all potatoes

Anonym 18-01-19

I have a Fissler Pressure cooker for over 30 years now. I just bought another one. Love it. I cook all potatoes, soups and veggies in that Skillet. Saves a lot of cooking time. I also bought the glass lid, in case I use it without the vent.3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.

The Best Pressure Cooker

Anonym 18-01-19

Best pressure cooker I have ever bought. If you appreciate quality, buy this one. It is so well manufactured and easy to use. It cooks well, as described in the website. It is advised to read the manual before using it. Don't buy those Made in China even though they are much cheaper but they are usually rather unsafe and difficult to get spare parts.