vitavit premium Pressure Cooker 8.7in 6.3qt

The Fissler vitavit premium 6.3qt (6L) Pressure Cooker is truly quick cooking made easy.


vitavit premium Pressure Cooker 8.7in 6.3qt

The Fissler vitavit premium 6.3qt (6L) Pressure Cooker is truly quick cooking made easy.

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vitavit premium Pressure Cooker 8.7in 6.3qt

Sku : FISS-62030006059

EAN : 4009209361543

Its features include a unique lid positioning aid, three adjustable cooking levels for speed, gentle or steam cooking and a locking lid indicator. The vitavit pressure control system includes a visual indicator to show when to lower the temperature of the stove at the onset of cooking time or when the temperature in the cooker has become too high.

All models are equipped with a measuring scale and a handy steamer insert. The cookstar all stove base creates optimal heat absorption, retention and distribution, cooking foods better and faster on every stove top. The removable handle makes your pressure cooker easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Weight 6.70 lbs
Size 17 x 10 x 9 inch
Package size 11.8 Inch x 9.6 Inch x 15.9 Inch
Capacity 6.3 qt
Materials Premium Steel
Diameter 8 inch
Country of production DE
Product kind Pressure Cooker
Measuring scale Yes
Body height 7.3 Inch
Capacity scale 4 l
Surface outside polished

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vitavit premium Pressure Cooker 8.7in 6.3qt

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Customer Reviews (2)

We liked it a lot.....this is the 3rd fissler in the family in the past 20 years

Jennifer W 20-03-20

My parents bought fissler pressure cooker when it first started to sell in China and loved it....the I started to love it.....I didn’t even known pressure cooker can be this good(in my mind there were only those $30 ones everywhere sold in the USA)....these are night and day by comparison......these are also so much better value and in case you need parts to fix the old one, their USA office manager is always very helpful.

Excellent product

Just a regular person 31-05-20

Bought the 6 Quart about a month ago and used it about 7 times and I really like the product and its performance. The recommendations to cook vegetables are spot on using the pressure knob and its color coded recommendation. Also tested it with Fillet Minion and smoked turkey neck and they came out succulent within a short period of time. Also, love the release of steam option of using the latch and/or the pressure gauge. The pot is heavy, solid and and sturdy. It also seemed to be well made. I chose to buy direct from the company. In that way, I am sure that I got the real authentic pot and parts. I would say the price is too much but then again, the results of the meat an vegetables, it made up for its steamy price. Would I recommend this pressure cooker at this price? You bet !! This is not a promotional review, it is just a regular consumer who took a chance and bought this expensive pressure cooker