pure-profi collection


Original-profi collection® pot line has been winning over customers with its iconic design and continually improving quality for 40 years now. Crafted according to the latest quality standards, the pure-profi collection represents the evolution of the world's most copied pot design.

The new design is straight-lined and clean, yet with a striking contour. It is the perfect pot line for esthetes with high quality standards, because the pure-profi collection makes a clear lifestyle statement – and not only in open kitchens.

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Quality and design features of the pure-profi collection

The pure-profi collection sets completely new standards. Its design is straight-lined and pure, yet with a striking contour – ideal prerequisites for becoming a new icon.

The clear and sensual design consists of a glazed body with polished highlights on handles and lids. The pure-profi collection is also uncompromising in terms of quality: 100 % Made in Germany from high-quality 18/10 stainless steel.

The 10-year guarantee is proof of the pot line’s exceptional level of quality. However, good design isn’t just aesthetically pleasing; it’s also smart.

Clever pot details – Made by Fissler

Large cold metal grips

Large, comfortable cold metal handles are attached to the body and pot lid. This means you can be sure the handle always remains at a pleasant temperature, allowing you to move the pots around without needing oven gloves.

Laser-etched measuring scale

All pots, pans, and roasters in the pure-profi collection have an integrated measuring scale (for liters and quarts). This means you can always keep track of liquid volumes, even without a measuring cup. Since the scale is laser-etched, it is extremely durable.

Extra-wide pouring rim

The extra-wide pouring rim of the pure-profi collection also demonstrates the clever combination of form and function. It lets you pour liquids simply and cleanly.

Induction-compatible cookstar all-stove base

The cookstar® all-stove base, which lies perfectly flat on the cooking surface, ensures fast and even heat distribution. The redesigned base makes the pure-profi collection particularly energy-efficient.

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Questions & Answers

Thanks to their cookstar® all-stove base, the pots are suitable for all types of stoves. This applies to electric and glass-ceramic stoves, as well as gas and induction stoves.

A high-quality pot base is characterized by its optimal absorbtion, distribution and storage of heat. The ideal foundation for this is a high-quality base, which completely encapsulates the heat-conveying aluminum core – that is, encloses it on all sides. The cookstar® all-stove base, which lies perfectly flat on the cooking surface, combines all of those properties.

All pots from the pure-profi collection can be cleaned in the dishwasher without problems.

The pot handles warm up during cooking. In this case, however, special heat insulation plates prevent the handles from getting hot. This means that you can touch the handles at any time without any risk of injury.