We strive to inspire & empower passionate cooks

Cooking is so much more than just preparing food. It‘s the joy of spending time together. And the pleasure of culinary creativity. It‘s the ingredients and tastes that connects us to nature’s bounty. Ultimately, it‘s all about you, the passionate cook.


Fissler is on a mission to make cooking a unique experience. We are here to inspire and empower you with great cookware that you can rely on. Cookware that is designed with responsibility in mind – easy to use, sustainably crafted, healthy, and safe.


Since 1845, we have been continuously shaping the history of the Fissler brand - proudly celebrating our craftsmanship and unsurpassed standards in precision and quality. Creating lasting value. Made in Germany.


This is our expression of appreciation for good food, great cooks, and the people we cook for.

Fissler. Made for what matters. Since 1845.

Our values


We empower you to cook with pleasure and confidence

At Fissler we share a passion for cooking.

Cooking is so much more than just preparing food. It‘s the joy of spending time together and the pleasure we share. Making meals, and making memories.

We believe unique cooking experiences depend on cookware that delivers the highest quality while sparking your creativity.


Designed to last a lifetime, our cookware is crafted using the most sustainable methods.

Designing and developing products that are made to last. Cookware that masters every culinary task, every day for years to come.

Responsibility means respecting the environment, society and people Including crafting cookware from recycled materials whenever feasible.

We are committed to making cooking a unique experience while fostering a healthy lifestyle.


We craft finest cookware in Germany. Since 1845.

We have created a rich legacy of innovation over many generations, building expertise in cooking and in crafting the finest cookware.

Fissler uses a unique combination of leading technology, craftsmanship and premium materials. Made in Germany. Since 1845.

Every design element – from edges and curves to surfaces -- celebrates our high standards in precision and quality.


We appreciate the ingredients, the cook, and the people we cook for.

We are proud to be part of a global community of passionate cooks.

Cooking is fundamentally human. That is why we value diversity and foster individual cooking needs.

For us, crafting premium cookware is about more than just preparing food. It’s about good food, great cooks, and the people we cook for.