Clippix Universal Hook-in Spatter Shield

Insertable universal splash guard Clippix® for Fissler pans with 24, 26 and 28 cm diameter with suspension eyelet.

Article No.: ACC_114006
Clippix Universal Hook-in Spatter Shield
SKU: 120-070-00-200/0
EAN: 4009209276632

Vegetables that are still damp from washing or meat that contracts when it is exposed to heat often leaves traces in the kitchen.

With the clippix splash shield hot fat or water can not spread uncontrollably. It fits pans sized 24–28 cm in diameter and simply hooks in to safety handles.

Weight 0.650 kg
Dimensions 300 mm 375 mm 70 mm
Material Stainless steel
Collection no series OEM
Size 28 cm
Product kind Pan accessories
Color Stainless Steel / Silver
Brand Fissler


  • 5 Stars

    Pan searing meat at high temperature splatters and makes a mess. Every splatter screen I've tried barely helped until I used the Fissler Splatter Shield. This one works! Splatter on the cook top is now incidental and easily wiped away. Thanks Fissler for your innovative design!

    - Neal