Steaming in a Pressure Cooker

The Vitavit® Premium has a pressure-free steaming function. With the help of an insert, food can also be gently steamed in the pressure cooker. The steam escapes via the cooking crown and the cooking time corresponds to that of conventional cooking. You can find the cooking time finder here.

Steaming in a Pressure Cooker

Steam cooking is a healthy and gentle way to prepare food, where the food is cooked in a closed container with steam. In this case, the pressure cooker provides the best solution, since it encloses steam for optimal cooking results.

Advantages of steam cooking in pressure cooker

Preservation of Nutrients:

Gentle cooking preserves vitamins and minerals.


Saves Time:

The pressure cooker reduces cooking time many times over compared to traditional methods.


Easy to Use:

The pot is easy to use and the steam regulator allows precise control of the cooking time.


Variety of uses:

Steam cooking is suitable for both meat, fish, vegetables and even desserts.

How to Steam Cook with a Pressure Cooker


Yes, it is possible to steam cook several foods at the same time in the pressure cooker. However, for this to happen, the foods should have similar cooking times and be placed separately in the steamer insert or in colanders.

Yes, you can also steam rice and pasta in a pressure cooker by placing them in the steamer insert or in a colander and placing it in the pot.

Other Pressure Cooking Methods and Care: