Cooking in a Pressure Cooker - The Fast Way to Enjoy Healthy Food

Healthy, fast, safe and efficient - the Fissler pressure cooker has always been ahead of its time. And nowadays it is more en vogue than ever. Sustainably crafted in Germany in the highest quality, inspected by hand and with a critical German eye, our craftsmen make every Fissler Vita® pressure cooker an indispensable essential for the modern, healthy kitchen.​



Preserves the best of your ingredients:

Especially for the sensitive vitamins, this special type of preparation is much gentler than cooking in a normal pot. For example, Vitamin C is retained by up to around 90% during pressure cooking. The food also retains its natural color when cooked in a pressure cooker.  During boiling, the air in the pressure cooker is almost completely displaced by the resulting water vapor. When the outlet valve is closed and the cooking process begins, there is hardly any oxygen left inside the pot, which is responsible for decomposing the valuable vitamins and nutrients. Food cooked under pressure is a real treat not only in terms of taste, but also visually.

Gives you time for the important things in life:

The temperature increase in the pressure cooker ensures that the cooking process is shortened by up to 70% compared to normal cooking. After the lid is locked in place, the boiling process creates excess pressure inside the pot, which raises the boiling point of the water to 230 to 240°F. The boiling process is called "pressure cooking". The pressure cooker makes cooking effortless and saves you time.

Helps you save energy:

Due to the shortened cooking time, a pressure cooker consumes up to 50% less energy than conventional pots and at the same time retains 100% flavor. This is not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment. The option of deck cooking and our energy-efficient "Made in Germany" bases also help to save energy.




How to Use a Pressure Cooker:





Other Pressure Cooking Methods and Care: