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Fissler pressure cookers win award from Stiftung Warentest

vitavit premium and vitaquick won over the test magazine with xcellent cooking results and outstanding convenience.

In issue 1/2020 of its magazine, Stiftung Warentest put ten pressure cookers to the test. Two models from premium cookware manufacturer Fissler stood out in this test, showing that “Made in Germany” continues to stand for excellent quality.

Fissler’s vitavit premium and vitaquick were tested in the Cooking, Handling, Safety, Stability/Durability and Energy Consumption categories. Both pressure cookers consistently achieved good to excellent results in all categories. The test winner with the best results overall was: Fissler’s vitavit premium.

The pressure cooker with the rating of “good (1.9)” particularly impressed the testers in terms of its warm-up time, adjustability, and readability of cooking levels and pressure displays, as well as its safety features. In the test, Fissler’s top-of-the-range model stood out thanks to its pressure display with a traffic-light system, securing the top rating in the Handling category. Thanks to this practical feature, the person cooking can know at all times whether the pressure inside the pot is just right. In addition, Fissler’s test winner is the only pressure cooker to offer a third cooking stage for pressureless cooking.

The second model from the long-established company, Fissler’s vitaquick, also got an excellent result with a rating of “good (2.1)” from Stiftung Warentest. The testers were particularly impressed by this model’s excellent cooking performance and easy steam release. The fact that Fissler’s two tested pressure cookers took first and second place in the most important test category, Cooking, comes as no surprise, since both products are the results of decades of experience and a continuous pursuit of excellent quality “Made in Germany”.

All Fissler pressure cookers ensure that fresh food is prepared quickly and energy-efficiently, while preserving vitamins. The use of a pressure cooker “preserves vitamins and minerals” at considerable time savings compared to conventional pots, as the test confirms. In addition, clever details such as the practical positioning aid, the integrated measuring scale, and the locking indicator make for simple and convenient handling. The pressure cookers can, of course, be used on all types of stove, induction stoves included.

About Fissler

Fissler is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality cookware. The premium brand’s range includes pots, pans, and pressure cookers. With perfection, precision, and skilled workmanship “Made in Germany”, the family-run company ensures that cooking is always a joy, with delicious results every time. The innovative design and exceptional quality of its products have won Fissler numerous awards over the years. Founded in Idar-Oberstein by Carl Philipp Fissler in 1845, the company now employs more than 800 people and is active in over 80 countries. For further information, please visit