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At Fissler, we are passionately committed to make cooking a unique experience. Since 1845. Inspiring and empowering you every day with great cookware that you can rely on. Cookware, that is designed with Responsibility in mind. Sustainably crafted from as many circular materials as feasible. Which is safe, easy to use and promoting your health.

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Versatile. Durable. Uncompromising.


The Adamant® is a versatile frying pan that prepares just about any ingredient to perfection. Use it for meat, fish, vegetables, sauces, and much more. The silicon carbide particles in the coating create a rugged, hard-as-stone surface that stands up to daily use and safe to use with metal utensils. Recommended by Alexander Herrmann.

Best non-stick coating


The Levital®+ pan offers the best and particularly long-lasting Fissler non-stick effect for gentle and low-fat frying. Recommended by star chef Alexander Herrmann.

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The Ceramic Alternative


The Ceratal® pan is our ceramic alternative to traditional non-stick cookware. Ingredients slide right out of the pan with minimal oil and cleanup is a breeze! Enjoy peace of mind because the Ceratal® pan is made without PFAS/PTFE. Recommended by star cook Alexander Herrmann.

Professional Quality Cookware

Original-Profi Collection®

The iconic Original-Profi Collection® pan is the perfect choice for browning, searing, frying, and crisping with minimal fat. Recommended by Alexander Herrmann.

Good for you and the ingredients

Vitavit® Premium

Designed, developed and manufactured in Germany, the Vitavit® Premium has been a fixture in kitchens around the world since 1953. The Vitavit® Premium reduces cooking time by up to 70% compared to a conventional saucepan. This results in energy savings of up to 50%. Cooking with the Vitavit® Premium gives you time for what counts, protects the environment, your wallet and preserves the best of your ingredients. 

Good for you and the ingredients


Healthy, fast and easy - these are the attributes that sum up cooking in the Vitaquick®. This "Made in Germany" pressure cooker allows uncomplicated cooking under pressure. Two cooking levels provide the necessary flexibility for gentle and fast preparation. Essential features round out the Vitaquick®.  Time is saved for what is even more important than cooking.