The right knife for every purpose

Not all knives are the same - depending on the length, width, thickness and sharpening of the blade, knives are suitable for very different tasks. In our knifeology section we show you the different types of knives and what they are suitable for.

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Spare Ribs with a Georgia Barbecue Sauce

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Culinary Getaway in Mexico: Soft shell tacos and filled wraps

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Product recommendations from our product range

Thanks to its long cold-metal handle this wok is wonderfully easy to handle.

original-profi collection handle-wok

finecut fruit and vegetable cutter - cuts vegetables, fruit and fresh herbs in a jiffy.

finecut fruit and vegetable cutter

Sweet crêpes, hearty omelets and fresh wraps present no problem with the °SensoRed® crêpe pan.

°SensoRed® crêpe pan

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