Fry Pan and Wok Accessories

Pan and wok accessories for a safe and special cooking experience


Whether pan lids, splash guards or pan protectors: Frying is even more fun with the right accessories for your pans.

With the help of Fissler pan accessories, you can prepare food comfortably and safely and ensure that you can benefit from the outstanding properties of your Fissler frying pans for a long time.


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Fry Pan and Wok Accessories



Accessories for pans from Fissler: the ideal complement to the Fissler pan range

To prepare dishes, the choice of the right pan is crucial. However, suitable accessories should not be missing either:


  • It not only helps to achieve better frying results, but also protects you and your kitchen from hot grease splashes.
  • A pan protector also saves your pans from scratches and thus contributes to a longer life.


Fissler offers high-quality pan accessories that perfectly match your fry pan or wok. 



Pan lid made of glass and high quality 18/10 stainless steel

By using a lid, heat and moisture are preserved in the pan, so neither flavors nor energy are lost. In addition, hot fat cannot splash on you or the stove.

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The design of the pan lids from Fissler is specially adapted to the Fissler cookware and pressure cookers. The lids therefore fit all models with the corresponding diameter.



Pan splash guard made of sturdy stainless steel

A pan splatter guard protects against grease splatter when searing food at high temperatures, ensuring a safe cooking experience. It also reduces the amount of cleaning required.

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The Clippix® universal splash guard has an ergonomic handle for easy and safe handling. For 9.5 and 11 inch Fissler pans with safety or comfort handle, it can be inserted to save space.

Felt pan protector

With a pan protector, you can stack your nonstick and stainless pans safely on top of each other - without scratching them. This allows you to store them in a space-saving way.

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The Fissler pan protector is also suitable for pans larger than 9.5-inches.



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