viseo casserole 20 cm

Compact volume for even more taste.



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viseo casserole 20 cm

Sku: 084-127-20-001/0

EAN: 4009209344058

Experienced cooks know that when cooking it is not only the diameter that counts, but also the height of the pot. Stews such as roulades or ratatouille are best served in models with a lower height because the liquid in them is nicely reduced and boils down.

The induction-suited viseo® Stainless steel stewing pot has a especially tight lid, which safely encloses all flavours. And because the lid is made of high-quality quality glass, it can even be placed in the oven at temperatures of up to 180°C.


Weight 1.49 kg
Size 305 x 220 x 150 mm
Package size 320 mm x 275 mm x 165 mm
Capacity 2.4 l
Materials Premium Steel
Editions viseo®
All products in this series
Diameter 20 cm
Country of production Germany
Product kind Casserole
Measuring scale Yes
Body height 90 mm
Capacity scale 1.5 l
Surface outside satined 
ovenproof up to 180 °C
Encapsulated superthermic base

Encapsulated superthermic base

Pouring rim

Pouring rim

Comfortable handles

Comfortable handles

Glass Lid 180C

Glass Lid 180C

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