With a unique combination of leading technology, craftsmanship and premium materials, we craft finest cookware – Made in Germany. Since 1845.

For us, cooking means much more than just preparing food. That's why we inspire passionate cooks all over the world to cook with comfort and confidence. 

It is a privilege to be part of such an incredible community of passionate cooks - we celebrate cooking and show our appreciation: for the cook, the ingredients, and the people we cook for.


The tinsmith Carl Philipp Fissler founds a small workshop in Idar-Oberstein, Germany for the production of cooking kettles.


Fissler patents the "Henkelmann", a double-walled insulated vessel allows food to be transported safely and heated easily.


Fissler develops and patents a mobile field kitchen - the so-called "goulash canon". This innovation is a huge breakthrough for the company.


"Stay Cool" handles made of aluminum coated with hard rubber: Fissler is granted a patent for an innovation that replaces cast-iron handles that were very common at the time.


Innovative machine building: with the help of a specially designed leveling machine, Fissler is one of the few companies able to manufacture 35-inch cookware for hotels and cruise ships.


The pioneer: Fissler is the first German company to launch aluminum cookware for electric stoves – seamlessly crafted from one piece.


Fissler invents the Novogrill® - a waffled structure for its pans that allows frying and searing. 


Taming the pressure cooker: The multi-stage cooking valve invented by Fissler makes pressure cookers safe to use at home for the first time.


The original non-stick: Fissler is the first German manufacturer to produce pans with a non-stick PTFE-coating that's durable,  prevents food from sticking, and easy to clean.


Leading technology: In Hoppstädten-Weiersbach, 25 km away from Idar-Oberstein, Fissler opens a new 118,000 sq. ft. production facility.


While the head office remains in Idar-Oberstein, Fissler is consolidating the brand's production expertise at the new Neubrücke site, investing in efficient technologies and thus laying the foundation for sustainable production of premium cookware.


The birth of an icon: Working with professional chefs, Fissler develops a cookware series that exceeds the highest demands. The Original-Profi Collection® defines a new standard in quality and performance. It is sustainably crafted, durable, and timeless.


Fissler invents and patents the CookStar® base ensuring optimal heat distribution – a multi-award-winning cooking innovation focused on energy efficiency and sustainability.


The right pot and pan for every task: Fissler refines the iconic design, functionality and even the quality of the Original-Profi Collection®. The series offers the most comprehensive range of pots and pans.


An elevation in cooking comfort: the Intensa® collection offers added convenience with a pour-off function, tuck-in lids and the practical stacking function.


The next level of passionate cooking: with the Vita® series Fissler launches a new generation of safe pressure cookers. The Vitavit® Premium and Vitavit® Comfort Fissler foster a healthy lifestyle, save time, energy and preserve vitamins.


Luno® –  a series of aluminum non-stick cookware with convenient Protectal-Plus coating and Fissler Planium® technology is launched.


Fissler launches °SensoRed®  a series of pans with thermo-sensitive non-stick coating that changed color when it reached the ideal frying temperature.


The scratch-resistant multi-talent: the Fissler Adamant® series of frying pans is launched featuring a highly scratch-resistant non-stick coating with silicium carbide particles for both roasting and gentle frying.


175 years of passion for cooking – the Fissler brand celebrates its 175 anniversary.


An innovation in sustainability: Fissler innovates the production process for non-stick aluminum pans and refrains almost entirely from using solvent-based lacquers. A new production facility enables the use of water-based non-stick coatings for all pans and woks which cuts CO2 emissions by approximately 70 % per year.


Best non-stick performance: the Fissler Levital® series is launched and defines a new standard. The Levital® is the best Fissler pan with a PTFE-based non-stick-coating.


Next level healthy cooking: Fissler launches the Vitavit® Premium pressure cooker „S4“ with 3 cooking settings and a pressure-free steaming option, allowing extra-gentle or very fast cooking. 


The ceramic alternative: Fissler launches the PFAS/PTFE-free Ceratal® frying pan for mindful frying. The water-based ceramic coating is suitable for both gentle and crispy frying.