Enjoy the perfect steak

Cook the Perfect Steak with Fissler

From rustic to refined - meat can be prepared in a variety of ways. Purists often prefer a simply grilled steak, because the unadulterated meat flavor combines with the hearty roasted aroma. In addition to meat quality and preparation know-how, the right cooking equipment is crucial for a perfect result: Those who have it can look forward to delicious grilling pleasure at home, just like a professional.

Starts with the Right Fry Pan

Anything that needs to be seared hot, such as beef steaks, chicken cutlets or barbecue skewers, is best done in a crispy stainless steel pan. With the right frying technique, your food will be crispy on the outside and still remain juicy on the inside.

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Make the steak tender and juicy

Perfect steak enjoyment depends crucially on the quality of the meat - beef should be well-hung, dark red in color, and slightly marbled. It is equally important to let the pan and oil get very hot and to sear the steak first. This coagulates the proteins on the surface and the resulting crust traps the meat juices from the steak. The frying time varies depending on the thickness - the steak should not be pierced under any circumstances when turning so that the juices do not escape. 

Adding Flavor

Marinades based on oil, vinegar, buttermilk or honey, refined with herbs or spices, are ideal for those who want to add flavor to their grilled food. The meat is marinated in it or, depending on the consistency, massaged with it.This will also make the meat even more tender. Before grilling, the marinade must be allowed to drain well. The Fissler Finecut is a handy tool to have in the kitchen. Herbs can be spun dry and chopped in it, the marinade can be mixed directly in the container and, closed with the lid, it stays fresh until it is needed.

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Der richtige Garpunkt

Der richtige Garpunkt des Steaks lässt sich einfach mit dem Finger testen: Fühlt sich das Fleisch bei leichtem Druck an wie die Unterlippe, ist es „rare“. Gibt es nicht mehr ganz so sehr nach, hier ist die Nasenspitze der Vergleichspunkt, ist es „medium“ und fühlt es sich schließlich an wie die Stirn, ist es „durch“.

Wichtig: Während Steaks aus Rindfleisch gern „rare“ oder „medium“ verzehrt werden, müssen helle Sorten wie Schwein, Kalb oder Geflügel ebenso wie Hacksteaks unbedingt durchgegart werden.

Liegen die Leckereien schließlich auf dem Teller, ist das Fissler Steakmesser aus der Serie perfection der perfekte Partner zur Gabel. Es liegt gut in der Hand und schneidet dank seiner ultrascharfen Klinge ganz ohne Druck.