The right pan for every application

Since we were the first German cookware manufacturer to start producing coated pans in 1956, our goal has been to provide passionate cooks with pans that make a difference. Pans that give you the ideal cooking experience, make cooking easier and cleaning even easier.


Our patents and breakthrough technologies have resulted in multiple award-winning pans and woks. Sustainably manufactured from recycled premium materials, with water-based coatings in our state-of-the-art production facility in Rhineland-Palatinate - free from PFOA* and harmful materials. With all our passion and experience. To express our appreciation - for the chef, the ingredients and the people we cook for.


*according to VO (EG) No. 2019/1021

The scratch-resistant all-rounder

Whether meat, fish, vegetables or delicate foods: You want a pan in which you can fry both gently and crispy? Then we recommend our most versatile and successful pan series: Adamant®.

Particularly scratch-resistant thanks to silicon carbide particles
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The alternative from ceramic

Ceratal® combines a water-based ceramic coating with a very good non-stick effect - no added PFAS and PTFE. It is suitable for gentle as well as crispy frying and thus shows special appreciation for the people we cook for.

With non-stick effect and without PFAS/PTFE.


A professional for hot frying

The Original-Profi Collection® is one of the most successful cookware series in the world. The series' stainless steel pan can withstand the highest temperatures, making it the perfect choice for searing meat and shellfish. The waffle structure of the Novogrill® frying surface enables searing with a grill effect - even with little fat.

Withstands the highest temperatures.