The success story of the Fissler pressure cooker began in 1953 with the invention of a multi-level safety valve that made pressure cookers safe for domestic use for the first time. This laid the foundation for the Fissler brand's success in becoming the leading cooking experts. Since then, Fissler has filed countless patents and inventions.

Patented, multi-level safety valve


Fissler invents the pressure cooker with a patented, multi-level safety valve making the pressure cooker safe for at home use. Fissler revolutionized cooking in kitchens all over the world.









The Fissler Vitavit® pressure cooker made its debut with a unique red lid. The safety valve of the pressure cooker was the first of its kind and until today preserves the best of your ingredients.



Fissler patents the Unimatik


Fissler patents the Unimatik, a “safety- and venting valve for pressure cookers.” As well as automatically venting the excess pressure, the valve prevents unwanted leakage of the pot contents via the valve for the first time inside of the pot from leakage. 

The first pressure skillet


16 years after the global success of the pressure cooker, Fissler responds to the needs of passionate cooks and launches the first pressure skillet. 

New production facility


Leading technology: Fissler opens a new production facility in Hoppstaedten-Weiersbach, 15 miles from Idar-Oberstein. This is the foundation for sustainable production of premium cookware - Made in Germany. To this day, every Fissler pressure cooker is crafted and tested by hand in Hoppstaedten-Weiersbach. 









The Fissler pressure cooker launches for the first time with the iconic “Solar” décor, which reflects the colors of the Hoppstaedten-Weiersbach coat of arms. The décor proudly refers to the origin of the Fissler brand – Made in Germany – and still enjoys great popularity, especially in Asia. Even today, products with the traditional décor are successfully distributed internationally under the name “Solaryme”. 

The “Quattro” pressure skillet


Fissler presents the “Quattro” pressure skillet. In combination with the additional lid, the skillet becomes a true multi-talent that can cook fast, fry, steam and deep-fry. 









In the 1980s, Fissler and Annweiler Enamel & Metal Works, a specialist for enamelled cookware in Germany, hit the Zeitgeist of a generation. The floral, colorful designs of the enamelled pressure cookers inspire passionate cooks and set a trendin the industry. 









With the Magic series, Fissler defined new standards in terms of function and design at the end of the 80s. The innovative look of the new Fissler pressure cooker sets standards for an entire category. 

The Vitaquick® pressure cookers


Fissler introduces the Vitaquick® pressure cookers. They convince with all the essential functions of a safe pressure cooker and offer an easy entry into the world of healthy and tasty pressure cooking – Made in Germany. 

Leadership in pressure cooking


The  Vitavit® Premium & Vitaquick® pressure cookers are getting even better and safer: a cooking display, a locking indicator, the multi-level safety system with patented technology and up to 90%  recycled 18/10 stainless steel, define the Fissler brand’s claim to leadership in pressure cooking. 

Additional cooking level


Leading technology and premium materials: the  Vitavit® Premium pressure cooker now shines with an elegant, satin-finished surface and an additional cooking level: four cooking levels, including a pressure free steaming function for health-conscious steaming of fish or vegetables, enable even gentler or very fast cooking. 

70 years of pressure cooking


70 years of pressure cooking: Fissler celebrates the invention of the safe pressure cooker with two exclusive anniversary editions. The design of the Vitavit® and Vitaquick® Anniversary series is inspired by the fashion and colours of modern art from the 1950s. The pressure cookers shine in the “color blocking” design that characterized this era.