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Indian Lamb Curry

Indian Lamb Curry

Preparation Time
1970-01-01 00:15
Cooking Time
1970-01-01 01:05
Total Time
1970-01-01 01:20

Gebratener Knusperreis

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Indian Lamb Curry

Recipe Yield

Indian Lamb Curry

Recipe Ingredients
18 oz ||leg of lamb||
3.5 oz|| salted almonds||
2 ||carrots||
1 ½ cups ||celery sticks||
12 ||dates||
4 ||kaffir lime leaves||
1 Tbsp.|| yellow curry paste||
2 Tbsp. ||tomato paste||
2 1/2 cups|| lamb stock||
2 tsp ||cumin||
1 tsp ||cardamom||
½ ||bunch of fresh cilantro||
2 ||garlic cloves||
2 Tbsp. ||olive oil||
4 ||large ciabatta rolls||

Cookware needed for preparation

You need: Knife | Cutting Board | Peeler | Fry Pan 


Indian Lamb Curry

Recipe Instructions

Step 1:


Trim away the fat from the lamb and cut into inch cubes pieces.||

Step 2:


Peel and dice the carrots. Rinse the celery, dry and dice.||

Step 3:


Heat the olive oil in a pot or roasting pan. Sear the lamb.||

Step 4:


Peel the garlic and cut into fine slices.||

Step 5:


Add the tomato paste, curry paste, cardamom, cumin, lime leaves and garlic to the lamb and continue cooking.||

Step 6:


Season with salt and pepper.||

Step 7:


Pour in the lamb stock. Simmer for 60 minutes.||

Step 8:


Halve the dates and remove the pit. Roughly chop the almonds.||

Step 9:


Cut off the tops of the bread rolls and hollow them out. Chop the fresh cilantro.||

Step 10:


Add the carrots, celery and dates to the curry 6 minutes before it is done cooking.||

Step 11:


Fill the ciabatta rolls with the lamb curry.||

Step 12:


Sprinkle with cilantro and almonds and enjoy warm.||


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