Appreciation for culinary roots.

Appreciation of culinary roots. A queen among ingredients. Appreciated for its diversity in domestic cuisine as well as in haute cuisine: Whether the red-skinned Desiree from the Netherlands, the Peruvian Chaucha Amarilla, the French Vitelotte Noire with blue-white marbled flesh or the traditional Sieglinde from Germany - the potato has its firm place on the menus of the world.


From Inca Treasure to Arable Gold.

The Incas already knew that the potatoes growing in the earth were true natural resources and successfully cultivated them. The Spaniards then brought the tasty "gold" back to Europe from their voyages of conquest, where the nutritious nightshade plant quickly became a staple food. Today, there are over 350 different potato varieties in Germany alone. And whether as a spicy gratin, creamy puree or crispy fried: it's hard to imagine our cuisine without this delicious tuber.


The right pan for every application

From crispy fried potatoes to juicy potato pancakes: We offer just the right pan for every challenge in the kitchen.