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Easy, Creamy Chicken Marsala Recipe with Mashed Potatoes

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Easy, Creamy Chicken Marsala Recipe with Mashed Potatoes


Marsala cooking wine is both dry and sweet at the same time, giving this Italian dish a classic Italian flavor that is full of character. A quick to prepare meal that is even more comforting when paired with mashed potatoes.

Interesting facts:

Marsala DOC (also known as Vino Marsala or Vino di Marsala) is a liqueur wine named after the Sicilian port town of Marsala, from which it is mainly exported to England. It was John Woodhouse, the son of a merchant from Liverpool, who made Marsala widely known soon after he docked in the Marsala harbor in 1770. Marsala is produced using methods that are similar to the solera process used in sherry production. The Marsala Cremovo, used in this recipe, is a Marsala-based aperitif with egg yolk added.

Easy, Creamy Chicken Marsala Recipe with Mashed Potatoes

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Total Time
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Easy, Creamy Chicken Marsala Recipe with Mashed Potatoes

Recipe Yield
2 Servings

Easy, Creamy Chicken Marsala Recipe with Mashed Potatoes

Recipe Ingredients
2|| chicken breasts||
2 ||potatoes||
4 ||carrots||
1 ||red onion||
1 cup|| cream||
4 tbsp|| Parmesan||
2 tbsp|| butter||
½ cup ||Marsala Cremovo||
1|| bouillon cube||
5 tbsp. ||water||
6 tbsp.|| olive oil||

Cookware needed for preparation

You need: Knife | Cutting Board | Peeler | Bowl | Baking Tray | Stock Pot | Pan 

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Easy, Creamy Chicken Marsala Recipe with Mashed Potatoes

Recipe Instructions

Step 1:


Preheat oven to 320°F (convection oven) or 360°F (upper and lower heat). Peel and halve red onion. Finely dice one half and cut remaining half into slices around ¼" thin. Peel carrots and quarter them lengthwise. Finely grate Parmesan. Peel potatoes and cut into around ¾" cubes.||

Step 2:


In a bowl, mix red onion slices with 2 tbsp. oil, 1 tbsp. sugar, and salt. Season chicken breasts with salt and pepper to taste.||

Step 3:


Place onion slices and carrot side by side onto a baking tray covered with parchment paper. Drizzle carrots with 2 tbsp. oil, season with salt and pepper to taste, and sprinkle with Parmesan. Bake on a middle rack of the preheated oven for around 17 minutes until golden brown.||

Step 4:


Add potato cubes and salt into a pot, cover them with warm water, bring to a boil, and boil for around 13 minutes at medium temperature until soft.||

Step 5:


In a pan, heat 2 tbsp. oil and sear chicken breasts for 2 minutes on each side. Then turn them over, add diced onion, and fry for another 2 minutes.||

Step 6:


Deglaze with Marsala, and add bouillon cube, cream, and water. Bring to a boil and simmer for 13 minutes at a low temperature. Season with pepper to taste.||

Step 7:


Meanwhile, drain potato cubes and allow the steam to evaporate. Add butter, mash potatoes with a fork, and season with salt.||

Step 8:


Take carrots and onion slices out of oven and mix 2/3 of onion slices with mashed potatoes. Take chicken breasts out of sauce and cut into strips about ¾" thick.||

Step 9:


Arrange Marsala chicken on a plate with mashed potatoes, red onions and carrots, garnish with remaining roasted onions and Marsala sauce.||