Fast and easy: Chicken broth

Warming, invigorating and spicy: chicken broth is a tasty culinary classic, and – especially in the cold season – real well-being food. Scientists have even found that it helps relieve colds and has an anti-inflammatory effect. But many are afraid of making it from scratch – too complicated, too time-consuming. We have an answer, a recipe that is fast and easy, thanks to a pressure cooker.

Ingredients for homemade chicken broth:

● a whole soup chicken ● a bunch of greens ● an onion ● a bunch of smooth parsley ● two bay leaves ● whole peppercorns ● a clove ● salt

Rinse the chicken thoroughly inside and out, and place in a large pressure cooker. Add the cleaned and cut greens, as well as the parsley, salt and spices and water, so that everything is lightly covered. Close the pressure cooker according to the instructions, place the cooking crown in the lid on level 2 (fast cooking), and bring to a boil with full heat. As soon as the yellow ring becomes visible, reduce the heat. When the green ring appears, the cooking time of 30 minutes begins. After the cooking time, reduce the pressure according to the instructions and open.

After cooking, remove the chicken and pour the soup through a large sieve. You may also want to pour it through a cloth to filter more fat.

Tip 1: Chicken meat

The meat of chicken that is used for making stock can be tough and dry because it has cooked so long. If you want chicken pieces in the broth, it is better to cook that chicken separately.

Tip 2: Potatoes

Pre-cooked potatoes are a nice addition. Pour about 1cup of water into the pressure cooker, put peeled and sliced ​​potatoes into the perforated insert, and cook for about 10 minutes at level 1. Then chop and add to the broth.

Tip 3: Freeze for later

Chicken broth can be frozen in portions, so you always have home-cooked soup ready to enjoy.